Home-made beer compares favorably with cheap store counterparts with a richer taste, thick foam and no preservatives. It turns out a drink that does not contain anything superfluous. I will show you how to brew beer according to the classic recipe using only traditional ingredients: hops, malt, water and yeast. To preserve the original taste, we will not resort to filtration and pasteurization.
It is believed that to make real beer you need to buy a mini-brewery or other expensive equipment. This myth is imposed by manufacturers of such products. Together with the brewery, such firms will gladly sell the finished concentrate, which only needs to be diluted in water and fermented. As a result, a novice brewer overpays exorbitantly for beer, the quality of which is, at best, slightly higher than the cheap store brands.
In fact, you can make homemade beer without special equipment, using available tools: a large brewing pan, a plastic or glass fermenter, any bottles and other available accessories, the full list of which is published below.
In theory, malt and hops can be grown at home. But these processes are beyond the scope of the article. Further, we will assume that all the necessary ingredients are in stock: homemade or purchased. The only thing, I do not advise you to experiment with brewer's yeast, but immediately choose the best strains in the store, since beer differs from grain mash precisely in its special yeast.
The first stage, during which the brewer checks the availability of the right ingredients and the readiness of the equipment for operation. I also advise you to pay attention to the following points.

Sterilization. Wash all containers and accessories used well with hot water and dry. Before working with ingredients, the brewer thoroughly washes with soap and wipes his hands dry. It is very important not to infect the beer wort with wild yeast and pathogenic microorganisms, otherwise mash will turn out instead of beer. Neglecting sterilization negates all further efforts.

Water. It is better to use spring or bottled water. As a last resort, a regular tap will do. Before brewing beer, tap water is defended for 24 hours in open containers. This time is enough for the chlorine to disappear and heavy metals and salts to settle at the bottom. In the future, the settled water is carefully poured from the sediment into another container through a thin tube.

Yeast. For normal fermentation, brewer's yeast is activated with a small amount of warm water 15-30 minutes before adding it to the wort (the temperature is not higher than 28 degrees). There is no universal method that allows you to properly dilute any brewer's yeast. Therefore, you need to follow the instructions on the package.


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