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If an erection is weakened ... What to do when potency decreases?

Erection problems are familiar to many men, especially those who have crossed the 40-year mark. What are the causes of a weak erection and what can be done about it?

Weak erection: norm or pathology? Decreased erectile function can manifest itself in different ways. This definition also includes an erection insufficient for sexual intercourse, and the inability to maintain a stable erection to complete it, and the complete absence of an erection, as well as a decrease in libido. Tray Zytax Potency pills for beter erection.

From time to time, almost everyone is faced with a weak erection problem. Fatigue, anxiety, illness, quarrels with a partner do not contribute to the "mood". There is nothing strange in the fact that a hefty dose of alcohol interferes with the process. But weakening of an erection as a systemic problem can be said if, out of four attempts to enter into a relationship, one fails. It is impossible to ignore a weak erection, and the matter is not only in the psychological side of the issue. Sometimes a weakening of an erection is the first sign of serious diseases that are better to identify and begin to treat at an early stage. Read more

Male enhancement

Male enhancement

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Bodybuilding: how to organize training

How to organize bodybuilding training sessions if you want to gain weight: training programs, basic principles and videos. How to organize training for training, if you want to gain weight: training programs, basic principles and video - in Youtube.

The basic principle of bodybuilding weight training an tray GH Balance

Squat, relax, eat - it’s in these three words that it is possible to lay down the main principle of bodybuilding training for weight. It means that the core of the training will be basic exercises, nutrition should be plentiful, and you should go to the gym no more than 3-4 times to give the muscles time to recover and grow.

Bodybuilding exercises

Basic (or multi-joint) exercises are exercises where several muscle groups are involved and several joints work. Squats, deadlift, bench press, pull-ups, pulling the barbell in a slope, push-ups on the bars - these are all basic exercises.

As a rule, they are the most difficult to perform. But they are the most effective tool for gaining muscle mass. The base is the platform on which the program of training for mass in bodybuilding is built. Isolation exercises are those that work out only one muscle (and involve one joint. In weight training, they are secondary and act only as an addition to the lagging muscles. Read more

GH Balance bodybulding


GH Balance supports a building material responsible for building the majority of body tissues. The product accelerates the amino acids transport and protein synthesis. It also boosts metabolism, therefore burns fat effectively.

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Green coffee: benefits and harms

At present, there is so much talk about green coffee that one involuntarily wonders: what is the difference between green coffee and black coffee? Is it really so useful?for us and is it worth believing the information that it contributes to weight loss? Let's get it right.

First, a little history

It is known that the culture of cultivating coffee itself has been more than 800 years old. There are many legends associated with the discovery of coffee, but we will focus on some interesting facts about this product.

In World, coffee appeared under Michel Dorn and acted as a panacea for many ailments, including migraine. However, the custom of drinking a coffee drink is associated with the name of Peter I. According to the claims of historians, he forcibly forced his friends to drink the “bitter swill”.

However, originally coffee in the wild grew in Ethiopia. When coffee berries were found, they were used as a tonic exclusively in raw form. A little later, in Yemen, the so-called "white Yemeni coffee" began to be prepared from ripe dried fruit pulp. And only in the XII century they began to prepare a drink from raw beans (in our opinion, green coffee is obtained), and even centuries later they began to dry, roast and grind them, and pour the powder with hot water, adding spices (mainly ginger and cinnamon) or milk .

Green coffee and its characteristics

Green coffee is coffee that has not been subjected to heat treatment, i.e. his beans were not roasted (as for the usual black coffee) and remained a dull olive color. These grains with the help of special processing are extracted from the sweet pulp of the fruits (berries) of the coffee tree. Read more

GREEN COFFEE Plus is a revolutionary formulation to shed additional kilos. It's created for all those who wish to lose weight once and for all - easily, quickly and effectively.


GREEN COFFEE Plus is a revolutionary formulation to shed additional kilos. It's created for all those who wish to lose weight once and for all - easily, quickly and effectively.
Green coffee beans extract, for years known for its weight loss properties, is not only a safe, but also reliable and trustworthy way to regulate body weight. Green coffee supports the digestive and circulatory systems to work properly, rejuvenates and cleanses the body of toxins. No wonder it beats popularity records all over the world.
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Face and body skin care -Wrinkle Masks

Facial masks for wrinkles are not only an ambulance that will help with the first signs of wrinkles, but also an effective tool in the fight against age-related skin changes that have already appeared.

Today we will tell you which anti-wrinkle masks work best at home - practice shows that home anti-wrinkle masks on face skin often outperform factory anti-wrinkle products, so why pay extra money ...

What should be in the composition of masks for wrinkles.

So, what kind of wrinkle mask at home will be most effective. Firstly, these are masks that have nourishing and moisturizing components in their composition, since the main causes of wrinkles are the loss of skin elasticity and tone due to its drying. Such ingredients are often chicken yolk, vegetable and cosmetic oils, fruit and berry purees, etc. Secondly, facial masks from wrinkles should include components that have a tightening effect - it is precisely due to the loss of elastic fibers that wrinkles appear and the oval shape of the face is blurry. In this case, honey, clay and gelatin (a natural source of active collagen) will be good helpers.

How to make a mask for wrinkles on the skin of your face at home:

wrinkle masks are not made for future use, because their active components quickly lose their quality.

the skin before the mask from wrinkles must be cleaned with a soft gel, for better access to nutrients.

the wrinkle mask on the face lasts a little longer than usual, 30 minutes, after which it is washed off with cool water.

Read more

ImpreSkin is a revolutionary product which reduces wrinkles. It was developed for women who dream about firm and radiant skin. Impreskin does not just hide every sign of aging but works at a cellular level, that is why it is so effective: smoothes, strengthens and tightens skin, providing it with an optimal hydration.

Health and beauty

ImpreSkin is a revolutionary product which reduces wrinkles. It was developed for women who dream about firm and radiant skin. Impreskin does not just hide every sign of aging but works at a cellular level, that is why it is so effective: smoothes, strengthens and tightens skin, providing it with an optimal hydration.
A visible improvement of skin condition on your face happens after 4 weeks of regular use. It is recommended to take two capsules a day.
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GojiBerry500 is a product which facilitates weight loss. Apart from that, it fights cellulite and excess fat and improves skin condition. High dose of anti-oxidants included in this high quality extract slows down the aging processes. Goji berries, which come from Asia, are rich in vitamin C, fiber and polyphenols. Therefore they facilitate basic body functions. Goji berries, thanks to their beneficial properties, have been mentioned on TV and have hit many magazine headlines.
GojiBerry500 is a fast and simple way to a perfect body.

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Useful properties, contraindications and the use of goji berries.

Goji is a plant whose birthplace is Tibet. It is a creeping evergreen shrub of the nightshade family. It has gray-green lanceolate leaves, five-pointed purple flowers. The plant gained its fame thanks to the fruits - red berries of an elongated shape, reaching a length of 12 mm, a width of 2 mm. Goji is called the Tibetan barberry. Fruiting lasts from May to October. Harvest 13 times.

The plant itself is considered poisonous, but the berries become edible after drying. Salty-sweet taste with a slight acidity resembles nightshade.

In China, they use fruits for healing purposes. They are called the longevity berry. In our country there are plants in appearance and properties resembling goji, but the most useful is the one that grows in the highlands of Tibet. The anti-cellulite properties of the product are also known.Composition

goji plant with fruits

Goji berries are rich in chemical elements, antioxidants, vitamins, which give healing properties to fruits.

Goja contains the following trace elements: zinc; iodine; selenium ; iron; calcium; phosphorus; potassium; germanium; magnesium; copper; Cobalt.

Germanium prevents the transformation of cells into cancerous. Therefore, goji is taken as an anti-cancer agent. Medicine has not yet confirmed the hypothesis of effects on DNA molecules. Magnesium and thiamine give antidepressant properties to goji berries .

The increased content of vitamin C increases the protective properties of the body, beta-carotene improves vision . B vitamins: B1, B2, B6, B9 are important in improving metabolism and normalizing the nervous system.

Vitamin E, found in excess in fruits, helps rejuvenate the body. A large amount of iron helps to increase hemoglobin.

goji berries, Unique properties are given to fruits: antioxidants; amino acids; polysaturated acids Omega-6, Omega-3; monosaccharides; polysaccharides.

Linoleic acid burns fat, which allows the use of fruits for weight loss. Read more

Health and beauty

Nicorix is a supplement which helps fight nicotine addiction. It works on two levels: firstly, it blocks nicotine receptors therefore eliminating cigarette craving; secondly, it combats nicotine withdrawal symptoms. After quitting, gaining weight might become a problem – this is caused by metabolism slowing down. Thanks to guarana extract Nicorix accelerates body metabolism. It is a perfect product for people who want to change their life for the better. The extract of guarana 22%, Green tea extract, The extract of kudzu.

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Fights nicotine addiction

Nicotine addiction is a disease

Tobacco use, including in the form of tobacco products, is a significant threat to human health.

The composition of tobacco smoke includes substances that have toxic, mutagenic and carcinogenic properties:

- ammonia; - carbon monoxide; - volatile carcinogenic carbohydrates; - radioactive polonium; - nicotine; - soot; - tar; - hydrogen sulfide; - hydrocyanic acid.

Tobacco use increases the risk of developing severe cardiovascular, bronchopulmonary, gastrointestinal, endocrine and oncological diseases, the reproductive system and other diseases.

Associated with smoking and diseases of the digestive system: chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer, etc. Smokers have reduced the effectiveness of the treatment of peptic ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer.

Smoking has a negative effect on carbohydrate and fat metabolism, on the function of the gonads in men.

Smoking can be the cause of: hearing loss, eye diseases, tobacco amblyopia, tooth enamel disorders, and decreased immunity. With prolonged smoking, visual acuity is lost, the sense of smell and taste buds are dulled.

Smoking pregnant can cause:

- An increase in spontaneous abortion and premature birth;

- an increase in the frequency of prematurity and underweight at birth.

Nicotine addiction is a disease.

Nicotine is a plant alkaloid, just like heroin and cocaine. It causes the development of psychological and physical addictions, affecting the human behavioral reactions, albeit to a lesser extent than drugs. Read more

How bodybuilding affects the human body

If you want not just to pump up, but to have strong bones, normal pressure, a healthy heart and psyche, here you areIt’s far from news that bodybuilding has a positive effect on the human body. Our editors are interested in what exactly. Appealed to scientists from Tufts University. And this is what they told us.

Age-related changes

After thirty, old age begins a frontal offensive. Suffice it to say that the body's ability to absorb oxygen drops immediately by 10%, and in the future it will already decrease by about 10 percent every subsequent decade. The body begins to age from the age of 20, while hearing and vision begin to deteriorate from the age of 12.

Studies by scientists from Tufts University have shown that regular exercise with weights has a pronounced anti-aging effect. Bodybuilding stops the “normal” drop in metabolic rate in middle age, especially in combination with a diet that limits fat intake. By the way, the effect is universal. In the elderly people aged 60 to 96 years who were involved in the experiment, who had never before been engaged in bodybuilding, training caused a surge of vitality. They added up to 15% of muscle mass, and physical strength increased by 180-200 percent.

The cardiovascular system

Bodybuilding trains the heart muscle. The strength of the heart and its volume increase sharply. The heart gains the ability to pump up to 42 liters of blood per minute! The walls of the vessels become elastic. Small peripheral capillaries come to life, gradually fading with age. Read more

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Bodybuilding - Male hormone activator

Somatodrol is a product which stimulates testosterone and growth hormone production.
These hormones are essential for muscle building and fat burning and they give you a ripped body. Somatodrol eliminates cramps, muscle tension and provides quick regeneration after workout. It also reduces the feeling of tiredness.
It is recommended by Krzysztof Piekarz, the winner of Bodybuilding Debuts 2014. Somatodrol is a supplement which does not have any side effects. It has a huge edge over harmful steroids.
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How to accelerate the growth of eyelashes at home

Eyebrows and eyelashes are a frame for your eyes. And they should be well-groomed to emphasize the beauty of the eyes, and not to spoil the impression.

Long thick eyelashes are the dream of any girl, because they make the look expressive. Beauty salons now offer services to build them. Only one such procedure, and you are the owner of chic eyelashes. But the extension has a huge minus: after some time, the extensions of the eyelashes begin to fall away along with natural ones. It is much wiser to use tips for lengthening eyelashes at home. To do this, they need to be restored, strengthened and stimulated by growth advises .

Methods for the restoration of eyelashes at home

There are several methods for eyelash repair:

Folk remedies, Cosmetics, Healing oils.

Folk remedies for the restoration of eyelashes at home

To restore eyelashes with folk remedies, there are a huge number of recipes. All of them are affordable and effective. Regular eyelash care will save you from having to go to a beauty salon.

Cabbage or carrot juice with oils for long eyelashes. Squeeze a little juice from cabbage or carrots, add burdock or olive oil to it. Apply the mixture on the eyelids with light massage movements. By the way, instead of cabbage juice, you can use aloe juice.

Interesting! There is such a plant - usma. It is used in the East to restore the growth of eyelashes and hair. They say that its juice is so effective that it can cure even severe baldness.

Compresses to enhance the growth of long eyelashes. For compresses, decoctions of various medicinal herbs are brewed. You can use tea leaves (black and green tea), chamomile, calendula or cornflower broth. In it, you need to moisten the cotton pads and apply them to your eyes for 15 minutes. Regularly conducting this procedure will help prevent eyelash loss, improve their condition and stimulate growth. Read more

Miralash -  Eyelash enhancer

Health and beauty

Miralash eyelash enhancer accelerates lashes growth and lengthens their life span. First results can be seen after only 4 weeks of use, full results after 3 months of use. The best specialists working on Miralash formula used natural extracts to guarantee effectiveness and ensure safety. Also special brush makes application very easy.
Ingredients:Aqua, Propanediol, Panthenol, Glycerin, Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Dechloro Dihydroxy Difluoro Ethylcloprostenolamide, Disodium EDTA, Ethylhexylglycerin,Niacinamide,Panax Ginseng Root Extract, Phenoxyethanol, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Hydroxide, Soluble Collagen, Urtica Dioica (Nettle) Extract.
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